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Group Manifesto

Groupe Allard is above all a community and a tribe. It is our community, yet anyone who wants to devote his or her talent and expertise to Beauty and to the Emotion of Art can be part of it.

We firmly believe that the world has never before needed or desired the priceless, unique and extraordinary moments that are the true mark of luxury as much as it does now. To offer an alternative to a system rendered sterile by globalization and standardization, we are working to forge a third way and produce a system that celebrates everything rare, authentic, precious and ultimately exalting. We take issue with those who relegate luxury to a kind of ancient language, exhausted by endless repetitions of the timeworn accounts of its successes in the past.

Our program for forging this third way is simple:

(heritage+sense of time)creation

We are convinced that great ideas, great artistic concepts and great labels of the past represent extraordinary cultural reservoirs that lie dormant, ready to be tapped into. All that is required to revitalize them and restore their creative characteristics is to bring them into contact with the spirit of the current times.

We are shaking up these slumbering jewels, allowing them to take risks, breathing new life into them so they can fully express their contemporary forms. There is no notion of disrespect involved here, and even less one of vandalism—it is, rather, a declaration of love. We never leave these places in peace—and this is the most beautiful tribute we can make to them. This is precisely how we bring about their re-birth.

The catalyst for this fertile encounter is creation itself—creation alone can trigger the spark of the truly exceptional. We are fully convinced that through audacity, impertinence and freedom, creation fosters a reinvention of viewpoints and expands horizons and limits. This creative impulse is, by definition, unique and highly singular, embodying solemn respect for the history and roots of the cultural monuments that are our focus. Artisans draw on this impulse, which is the sole entity that brings this rare, jubilatory and authentic creative energy to life, from conception to production. Any attempt at mass production drains this subtle combination of genius and authenticity of all its value. We are convinced that this is the condition sine qua non for giving moments and emotions—so precious and so intense are they—the requisite meaning for labeling them luxury. Whether we are creators, artists, engineers, architects or financiers, we all demand to be artisans.

This program is the driving force for all of our current efforts, allowing us to expand the borders with Balmain, to revive the magazine L'Architecture d’Aujourd’hui and to reinvent the codes for the luxury hotel business at the Royal Monceau.

This program explains our great passion for France, a land filled with “slumbering beauties” which are the priority focus of our action.

This program won over the 5 “New Europes”—China, Russia, Brazil, India and the Middle East—and which has provided a response free of all condescension for their insatiable, ferocious thirst for culture and meaning.

And finally, this program helps us meet the current and future challenges we've set for France and throughout the world, for all walks of life—from the wealthiest to simple lovers of Beauty.

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