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We believe in the value of the gesture that fashions unique objects, and in the rigorous demands of high-quality craftsmanship. These trades are an integral part of French tradition and constitute an exceptional heritage, which we intend to showcase; we are convinced they also represent a strong economic opportunity.

The goal of Allard Pure Craft is to federate the crafts in which the beauty of the gesture prevails, and to help maintain and develop this expertise—at the same time meeting the new demands of a clientele that seeks quality and appreciates the value of objects.

By shunning the rampant industrialization of beauty, the constraints of trends and the dictates of marketing, we want to demonstrate that quality, authenticity and exclusivity in creativity have inspired new, profitable and sustainable economic models. That is why we've decided to invest in Balmain. Today we also believe in Faith Connexion to represent the French chic all over the world.

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