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The influence and impact of a place is a delicate alchemy based on vibrations, energies and encounters. The ambition of Allard Places is to create genuine crossroads where all forms of contemporary creation and new citizens of an enlightened world can be found, by breathing new life into some of the world’s most unique places.

We take buildings steeped in culture and history and bring them into contact with the sense of times, revitalizing them through the work of architects, designers and masters of art. We open them up to the energy of creation through exhibitions and artistic events, as well as the presence of art galleries, recording studios, artists’ residences and more. Everything aims to help visitors and residents become active participants in the place and find enrichment by contribution to its cultural impact.

This ambition is embodied by two types of projects:

The address : “cathedrals” open to the world, set in the heart of the most beautiful cities, genuine culture capitals in the heart of capitals; places that pulsate with creation, exchanges, events …and the unexpected.

- No address : exceptional dwellings in unexpected places, jewels tucked away in the heart of cities, for people eager to find the ultimate in confidentiality, the truly exceptional and a custom-made approach. 

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